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Locos Viajeros 2|Road Trip with Sexy

Tracing the Edges of Southern Cebu Island February 29 - March 1, 2008

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Apas, Cebu| I was nearly lost in my mid-day sleep when i was awaken by my phone blasting the cocacola tune. And when i reached over and answered the call, Maya lossen out her signature greeting: "Hoooooooooyyyy, kanina pa ako tumatawag. Bangon na tuloy tayo!". It took me awhile to regain my consciousness and assume my panic mode. Half-asleep, i managed to wash my face and grab my backpack and literally filled it with whatever i can get hold of- things that i call my travel essentials: shirt, sarong, short, toothbrush, shampoo, and wet tissue. I was struggling to do my post-checking of THINGS TO BRING when Maya sent my queue via sms. I met them down the block and we drove to the nearest Jolibee to grab a bite and shop before we commence our southern cebu invasion!


Pete and Maya had been planning this trip for quite some time already. And since, it's Maya's birthday they decided to finally push through with the plan, well, after some non-violent argument that lovers normally had when they decide to do something together. Eitherway, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to hop in the wagon- considering that i seldom got the chance to travel these days with my depleting treasury and limited time.

We left Cebu City on board Pete's sexy Honda Civic-Hatchback or simply call it "sexy". I wouldn't claim I'm a genius when it comes to automobiles. In fact my knowledge about it is only limited with long, fun, and exciting roadtrips. Moving on, it was around 11am when we left Cebu City. We crossed the Trans-Central highway going to Balamban with the speedometer probably glued in metrics between 80-100kph. Whew, the sexy-pete tandem is surely not a team that you want to mess up with. We cruised through blind curves with screams that we tried to silence inside and exhiliration or maybe fear sometimes that our face failed to masked. It was literally a life in the fast lane, sexy-pete version. But even with the rush, i was luckily able to capture some interesting images of the roadside landscapes on a perfect sunny afternoon.


I must admit the curves and the speed made me dizzy and i felt fortunate to have crossed the transcentral highway and came out in one peice. Without a stop, we then continued to drive down south to Toledo city. This time we were able to enjoy the interesting sights of 19th century churches and old houses that were reminiscent of the Spanish occupation in the island. The roadside view of the beach is another sight as well. Something, that we momentarily missed when the road to Barili took us slightly away from the shoreline. We pass through a bumpy ride cruising the muddy dirt road, an occasion that turned our high-speed team to dawdled through the course.



And when we finally rolled throgh the concrete road again, we were back on the go. We were reunited with the shoreline in Dumanjug, Ronda, Moalboal and all the way to Santander. The picturesque seascape is one of the sight you wouldn't want to miss. The clear waters of southern Cebu is pretty much interesting to see. We in fact made occasional stops to admire its beauty that is reflective of the clear summer sky. And aside from occassional call of nature we also stopped to check out someother fascinating spots like the Bato wharf where you can see Dumaguete peeking from the horizon. But of all places, the town of Santander amused me the most. The scenery was like any other towns that we passed through but the idea that we were on the edge of Southern Cebu looking over the province of Negros is something that i considered as an exciting achievement.



It was around 5pm when we left Santander. And while sexy rolled through the smooth asphalt road going north, Pete and Maya thought that we might as well spend a night in Alcoy rather than drive back to Cebu since it was a little late to enjoy the roadside view. The idea was perfect and so sexy seemed to glide on the free way passing through the towns of Mainit, Oslob- where you can see Sumilon Island from across, and Boljoon.


At exactly 6pm we parked outside Bodo's Bamboo Bar Resort. BBB Resort is a classy place that boasted its wonderful location covering a hectare situated on an elevated plateau overlooking the Alcoy sea. It is equipped with wide variation of amenities that includes the swimming pool, an outdooor jacuzzi. pool table amd table tennis, and conference room. The resort also took pride of their elegant restaurant that serves variety of western and oriental dishes to choose from. All of these in a very reasonable price.


After we checked in and rested for an hour, we all decided to take a dip. I also took the chance of enjoying a can of beer and cigs on the poolside while the lovebirds went for a swim. At about 7pm we decided to have dinner, the steak was great. It is a certified MUST-TO-HAVE: tender and hot. We left the resto at around 9pm and decided to stay the rest of the night inside our room and embrace our pillows in slumber. (zzzzzzzzz)


March 1: 6:00am| The sun blazed through the horizon and seeped through our light curtained windows. I woke up in a sepia-colored morning and admire the wonderful view in the terrace. The seascape was picture perfect. It's probably one of the places where waking up is a magical experience. And after basking in the morning glow, Maya and myself went out of the cottage and checked out the rest of the resort. We wander around and found out that the resort has table tennis- a sport that i haven't played for quite some time. Thinking that it would be the right time to play the sport again, we bugged Pete out of his slumber and force him to play the game. After a series of games we decided to take a dip and try the jacuzzi. By noon time we got ready to grab a bite and check out.


We left Alcoy at around 1pm. We headed north passing through the town of Dalaguete and Matalongon up to our next stop: Argao, where the Riverstone Castle stands. The structure is a depiction of a medieval castle made by a Belgian national last 2000. And since then the structure never failed to catch the curious eye of local tourists and travellers. We had our share of that curiousity or... ROYALTY maybe! By looking at it, the castle is an interesting structure. Although the depiction was crude it was relatively able to achieve a medieval ambiance. We amused ourselves with the sight of the dungeon, the torture room, and the bar where a round table is placed as a centerpiece akin to those of King Arthur's Court. The experience had given us the taste of royalty. At about 2pm we left our Disney dream and drove northwards to Cebu making a stop in Carcar to check out famous emporium where local shoe-makers display their products. Another 2 hours more and a breathtaking ride we were finally back in the metro.


The entire trip summed up a total of 10 driving hours. That was 10 hours of tracing a picturesque view of the southern Cebu's seascape and landscape. Hmm now, I wonder how long will the northern part take? Any takers?

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Locos Viajeros 0|Storm-ridden Escapade:Camotes Island, Cebu

November 21-22, 2007 (Prelude to Bantayan Trip)

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Long before the drizzly Bantayan trip, there was a storm-ridden escapade in Camotes, Island. Looking back, i realized that two of the most memorable escapades i had was when we travelled during a bad weather. Worst, the first instance was even during the height of the Tropical Storm Lando. It appeared chancy to some of our friends but what can i say, we are viajeros gone loco remember? Nada impide que en nuestro camino! (...gracias google para el español...)

It is never a habit for D and myself to really sit down and plan an excursion. Often times, we leave for a trip whenever we feel like it - spontaneity is almost always our treasured credo.

About a week before we left for Camotes, we found ourselves talking to Mark Llanes of Sugbu Travel checking options for our birthday get-way.I remembered the gentleman said something like "you are planning way ahead for your trip on February!" and in response, we blurted out almost in jest "...then book us for this coming wednesday!". The next thing we knew, price was quoted and we booked the itinerary the next day. But we never took the itinerary seriously though, I am not sure why but we were probably too busy with work then. To make the matter worse, just a few days before our departure, news about a major tropical storm resonated from television, radio, and print. Mark was worried and he even tried to offer us a refund. But it was too late though, we already got bitten by the travel bug!

enroute to camotes, island

The itinerary that we originally booked costs us 1800php each. It already included our roundtrip boat fare (FASTCRAFT); roundtrip ground transfer; and one night acommodation with breakfast included. However for some apparent reason the boat that we were suppose to take, changed their scheduled departure from 10am to 5pm during Wednesdays. And upon Marks' suggestion, we decided to take the pump-boat from Oano Wharf, Mandaue City instead and get a refund of 600++php each on the agreement that we will pay for our own boat fare.

storm-ridden ride

4:30am the 21st of November, we headed to Oano Wharf from Cebu City on board a taxi. We bought the tickets right at the port for 200php each. It was still gloomy and drizzling when the pump-boat glided through the mad waves of Mactan Channel. Excitement was drawn all over my face especially when i caught the sight of Marcelo Fernan Bridge from underneath. It was probably the troll inside me. (hehehheh) Within the following hours, the trip showcased a wonderful sight of Cebu's seascape as we cruised the northeastern part of Cebu Island. After 3 hours or so, we reached a certain port in Camotes. To our surprise, the gloomy mood had already left the island and the sun seemed to have stretched its rays among the lightly scattered clouds. Seeing our welcome signboard, we greeted the driver and he led us to our ride going to San Francisco, Camotes Is. We then traced both narrow concrete and muddy dirt road that offered a familiar sight of rural-living. After 30 minutes, we arrived at the resort (Masamayor Beach Resort). We then checked in to our room, ate breakfast, and enjoyed a bottle of sangria and a pack of cigarettes by the beach.

Troll Eyes' View of Marcelo Fernan Bridge

Breakfast with D: Masamayor Beach Resort

Camotes had indeed welcomed us with a delightful treat: a sunny afternoon, a relatively wide stretch of pure white sand, and crystalline blue-waters. We just can't help to ignore the wonderful sight that we even decided to have our lunch served by the shore. After lunch, we went for a swim and drenched ourselves in the cool waters and enjoyed the sight of the rich marine life. It was a great experience! The corals boasted variety of colors that D and myself took the luxury of naming some familiar shades.

Where's the Typhoon?

When dinner time came, we asked for directions from the resort's front desk personel to where we can find barbeque for dinner. Kindly enough, one of the staff brought us to the next block where we found a small hut that took care of our dinner preparation. Predictably, we ordered more than what what we can eat. It seemed like we were on our usual pig-out mood or maybe just mine. And after gobbling on about 20 skewers of pork, chorizo, and hotdogs and hardly finishing up 15 humongous puso we finally called it quits. With an hour rest, D and myself started our tequila night party. For hours, we struggled to empty the bottle of golden alcohol over chips and cheezy gossips. At about one in the morning we hoarded the bar; hoping to loot for a bottle of purified water to quench our scorching thirst. Unfortunately, even with much effort we considered the mission unsuccessful and ended up retiring the day dehydrated.

Sunrise in Camotes

As expected, we woke up with a terrible hang over. In search for antidote, we agreed to set-off for a new mission: find a fresh fish for tinola. We scouted the area and found a shabby hut that sells fish not too far from the resort. We got ourselves about 1/4 kilo of fish for 25php and hurried back to resort to have it cooked. Breakfast was served and it was one of the best! When we're all finally back to our senses we took advantage of the sunny morning. I tried riding the waves by skim boarding while D took a dip. Skim boarding was too frustrating for me so i ended up joining D and get into another name-the-color game. We spent the rest of the morning swimming and basking in the sun. And when it was about 9:30am we decided to pack, check out and left Camotes from the port of Poro.

What took place afterwards was a wild pump-boat ride back to Cebu- something that D had endured by reading a book and me by looking back to Camotes, enjoying the panoramic view, thinking how much i had fun on the island.###

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Locos Viajeros 1| Destination: Bantayan Island, Cebu

February 15-17, 2008

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(...for lorelie who believed that we're crazy enough to travel on a bad weather...)

Locos Viajeros- this is what i have decided to call the first (i hope) of the series of entries in my travelog. My friend D and myself had so far proven that whenever we decide to travel, we make sure that nothing gets in our way. And we mean, NOTHING! Especially when the tropical storm LANDO that drenched and deluged the sewage of Cebu City, failed to stop us from sailing to CAMOTES island last year. The trip that started our new-age advocacy in traveling that goes... "whenever the weather gets tough, we better get going!" ☺. (sounds original ehh?)

Just recently, friends and myself mapped out another exciting itinerary for my birthday get-away. We planned on making the jump start by taking a bus and head down south of Cebu to sail for Dumaguete; stay a night in Apo Island; sail for Siquijor Island in the morning; and sail back to Cebu via Dumaguete the next day. The itinerary was the grandest plan i had so far and I was very excited to make it happen. However due to the weather condition and an unlucky twist of fate we needed to postpone the trip.

Now since everything is packed, everything except for my sanity i guess i felt the sudden urge to travel. Where? Destination: Unknown. I asked friends for option, check the details online, and told mi loca amiga, D. And this is how Destination: Bantayan came to the fore:

Day 1|February 15, 2008

IT-Park Apas, Cebu City
6:00am| I logged off from work and met D at JY square to discuss the possibility of heading North of Cebu and sail across to Bantayan Is instead. We randomly discussed about the route we'll be taking and things to bring over breakfast with another happy and yet crazy couple in Jolibee-Mango. At around 8:00am D and myself headed for our first Pit Stop: ELizabeth Mall. Mission: To Shop (D's Fave)

Grocery List:

1 Bottle of Mojitos
4 Lemons
1 Bottle of Sangria
Corn Chips, Potato Chips, and more Chips
NOTE: need to be packed on green recyclable SM bag (required recently)

Cebu City North-Bound Terminal
9:00am|We arrived in North-Bound Terminal late for the airconditioned bus to Hagnaya, which was perfecly fine by me. On board the bus for 4-5 hours or so, we rolled our way passing through the sub-urban scenery of Liloan, Danao, Sogod, and San Remigio . It's quite an experience and reasonable for 69php fare each.

Hagnaya, San Remigio
2:00pm| The second Pit Stop was the not-so-busy wharf in Hagnaya. We helped ourselves in line to secure tickets for the Ro-Ro barge going to Santa Fe, Bantayan.(Cost: 150php each for first class accommodation). As expected, the barge cruised through the rough waters which in turn proved overwhelming or seemingly traumatic for D. But after 45mins, we finally reached the port.(Halellujah!)


Sugar Beach Resort| Santa Fe, Bantayan Island
3:00pm| Bantayan greeted us with a sunny smile despite the obvious presence of the dark heavy clouds. From the port, we took the most convenient mode of transportation, tri-sikad, for 20php each going to the Sugar Beach Resort where our reservation awaited. In less than 10 minutes, we made it to the resort unsoaked from the drizzle that failed to shoo us back to Cebu.

We got ourselves a cozy little cottage. The "green amacan" is what they call it. It faces the shore and is equiped with 2 single beds, a fan, and own comfort room. All these for 700php per night.

4:00pm| Mi loca amiga decided to sleep her dizziness off while i started exploring the resort and the neighborhood. I checked out the sandy white beach. Too bad the water was too cold even for a dip, so i decided to stroll along the neighborhood instead. Still drizzling, i walked a block or two, exchanged smiles with the friendly locals and met "teriang" the infamous monkey who has a habit of chewing a piece of clothing.

Sta. Fe is indeed an intresting sight. You will even be surprised to find fancy restaurants that listed European Dishes on their menus in a very reasonable price. After strolling for an hour or so, i went back to the cottage and took a nap. (..snore..)

Balikbayan Resto|Sta. Fe, Bantayan
6:00pm| I finally was able to convince D to get up for dinner. We took a stroll about a block away from the resort and ended up in Balikbayan Resto. The place is neat! It showcased a warm and cozy ambience with its dim-lighted cottages laid on combed white sand. A relatively perfect depiction of dinner-by-the-shore with a feel of the golden sunset.

On the other hand, the food proved to be less interesting than the place itself. It sure was funny to find yourself eating a mushroom soup that tasted more like a birds' nest soup or the carbonara with an overcooked pasta. Other than that, the place is great!

9:00pm|We headed back to our cottage and decided to grace the lazy night with sangria.We strolled on the coastline, as if tracing the coconut trees neatly planted in line along the shore while enjoying our drink. After an hour, we decided to call it a night.

Day 2|February 16, 2008

6:00am|We woke up on a gloomy morning, but we were headstrong or most likely crazy that it never stopped us to enjoy the drizzle. We started walking and getting the feel of the sub-urban atmosphere. The quiet neighborhood was really friendly, we walked several blocks from the resort to the market and D was suprisingly polite enough to exchange greetings with the locals in her very own version of "salamat...maayong lawas!" that is "salamat...lami ko ug lawas!".

We grabbed a bite from a local burger junction. It was very cost efficient, a light breakfast of burger and a soda for less than 50php each. Afterwards we walked some more, we tried to literally lose ourselves out of the trail. We passed through the local cemetary, took the dirt road thinking were traversing the right way to Ogtong cave and only to find out that we're back in the resort's entrance. Shooootz. Anyway, walking was fun.

12:00| Lunch. The best thing in Bantayan was that one wouldn't worry where to find food. It was very convenient. You can either get a barbeque from the nearest block or have the resort folks prepare a meal for you. We took the most cost-eficient way, that of the former. So we had barbeque over lunch, beer for myself and soda for D. (Bon Apetit'!... burp)

The sun decided to peek out from the heavy clouds once in a while. After lunch, when i decided to take a dip, D laid herself in the shore taking advantage of the UV rays or the lack of it maybe. And overwhelmed by her own disorder (obsessive-compulsive), she loosened out the greener side of her and started a clean drive by picking up the garbage and washed seaweeds from the shore. I supported her advocacy, and we both ended up stacking a big pile of garbage courtesy of Drypers' Huggies, Boy Bawang, and worn out RTW among others. It must have been the entire SM. Hehehheh.

We soaked ourselves in the cold water for almost the entire afternoon. And when the weather finally got even the better of us, we took the chance to stay inside the cottage and mapped out the evening plan.

6:00pm| We agreed upon taking advantage of the "all-you-can-eat" restaurant near the market. And again, like the pilgrims of Mecca we walked our way to Portugese Restaurant where a warm host greeted us. The buffet table was festive: golden-fried calamari, grilled squid, steamed crabs, and various pork and beef dishes were sumptuously prepared before the guests. We pigged out as expected and walked out of the resto paying around 400php total. Fair enough!

9:00pm| A year ago we started our tequila craze when we celebrated a friend's birthday in Kawasan Falls, Badian. Since then our trip to the beach is always synonymous with "Lick-it, Slam-it, Suck-it!". And needless to say, we had our very own tequila night in one of the quaint cottages by the beach to greet and celebrate my 24th year of glorious existence. Shots followed shots until quarter past midnight when normal senses became fleeting and we decided to retire back to our cottage. Goodnight and Happy Birthday to me! (hik..hik)


Day 3|February 17, 2008

6:00am|D woke up with a terrible hang-over, so we scouted the neighborhood for her favorite mushroom soup. It was very easy to find. One of the resorts served us a big bowl of creamy mushroom soup for 100php. A perfect antidote for hang-over. Afterwards, we strolled along the shore while the sun finally decided to grace our morning.



8:00|The sun finally lighted up the atmosphere for our perfect get-away. We went for a dip and savor the last few hours in Bantayan. Pictures were taken, uhm, more pictures, and some more... by 10:30am, we decided to get ready and pack. In half an hour or so, we headed back to Sta. Fe port and bid Bantayan goodbye with a sunny smile.

I may have visited Bantayan in its not-so perfect weather but the experience will always be remembered. Im ending this uhmm lousy attempt to blog (?) with a quote from a random traveler. In his immortal words i celebrate the memory of my journey... cheers!

"Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey." - Fitzhugh Mullan

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